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Client Spotlight: How We Turned David Larson into a Huffinton Post Contributor – Overnight!

April 30th, 2012 in Blog Posts

This success story from last week really shows how powerful a single press release can be.

We distributed a release for David Larson, owner of Before we knew it, The Huffington Post had picked up his story and invited David to become a contributor, blogging about his efforts to help others negotiate salary packages.

Not only will he be getting tens of thousands of dollars-worth of free promotion from T.H.P, he is also having his Twitter feed broadcast on their website in real time – along with a neat contributor profile he can use to boost his credibility to potential clients. You’ve got it, he can now brand himself as ‘David Larson – Huffington Post Contributor’ – how cool will that sound?!

This literally all happened overnight. Here’s the proof (post continued below):


Many congratulations to David – this relationship with a news outlet of such authority could literally take him and his business anywhere. All of this came by sending a single press release, spending under $200.

This is just one of the many success stories we produce every day at Piece of Cake PR. Want to be next in line? Send a press release.

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