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Book Launch Press Release – How to Get Your Latest Title into the Media Spotlight.

May 3rd, 2012 in Blog Posts

When it comes to PR, book launches often produce awesome results from the media.

In fact, we’ve had so many gifted authors approach us recently that we wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to explaining the best approach to getting profitable media coverage for the release of your latest title.

Authors have one beauty which always works in their favor – they have something free they can send interested journalists. The word “free” always strikes a chord with the human brain. As such, it is something you should take full advantage off.

This is also a moment for honesty: Most members of the media will want to read at least some of your book before writing a review or featuring it in their publication. Media ethics require all reviews to remain honest and based on research. Therefore, factor either review hard copies or eBooks into your budget – it’s all worth it in the end.


Thankfully, the lure of something free always creates a buzz with each book launch press release sent. This usually results in a number of detailed reviews appearing a myriad of publications, creating thousands of dollars of free publicity for the author, especially as most articles include a link for readers to purchase the book.

Our team has compiled some tips to help any author crack the book launch egg:


- Consider sending your press release around a month before the book is actually released. You’ll need to allow time for the media to respond, review copies to be shipped, books to be read and articles written. If you want the media’s reviews to follow the same timeline as the book’s launch, it’s vital to plan in advance.

- If you can, factor hard copy books into your budget. The media are much more likely to review a book if they have been sent a hard copy, rather than an electronic version. Either way, the resulting publicity from a great review in a national news outlet makes the cost of shipping a book insignificant.

- Be prepared for honesty. If you’ve taken the time and expense to ship a book to a journalist, they should treat you well. However, their reviews will always be honest. We rarely find a negative review, but it can happen.

- Make the most of the press coverage. If your book received a review in the Washington Post and is featured on Ellen – put their logos on your website in an ‘As Featured On’ section. This will give your book an immediate credibility boost and throw your sales through the roof.

- Consider offering up a few copies for a contest. The media are always looking for contests to engage their audience. If it’s your book they are giving away it is great promotion for you, too.


In short, there are some great and very profitable ways you can use the media to get awesome publicity for your new book. We have helped tons of authors get off to a roaring start. Will you be next? Send a press release!



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