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Targeted Media Exposure for Small/Medium Businesses and Authors

Warning: Not all PR Services Are Equal

Our Team has the inside track on which journalists want your story. We’ll write you a compelling press release and get it directly in front of them – within 24 hours.

“Over 40 news outlets published our story. I ended up on numerous radio shows, had the Discovery channel come knocking and we’re now fielding media enquiries from the UK and Germany, too.

Piece of Cake PR found the hidden gem, wrote a perfectly optimized press release and sent it to the right journalists who were obviously hungry for our story.

- Joe Fiscella

3 Reasons to Choose Piece of Cake PR…

1. Professionally Written by Former Journalists

The quality of your press release largely determines your results. It must be written well enough to:

  • Get the ATTENTION of journalists (by using professional writers), and
  • Get journalists to take ACTION by writing and publishing a story on you.

Mediocre press releases get ignored (even laughed about at the water cooler) by journalists. This is often what happens when your write your own release or outsource it to part-timers or freelancers.

At Piece of Cake PR, you have nothing to fear. Your press release is written by a team of savvy former journalists with superior writing skills.

You get the perfect formula for PR success … Not only do we pour top-quality writing into your press release – we also write your release from the perspective of a professional journalist (because that’s who we are!).

You see, we know exactly what makes journalists tick. And we use this insider knowledge to your advantage by producing magnetic writing that captures journalists attention and encourages them to write and publish a story on your business or book.

“Your service is phenomenal! Our project has been on Talk1300 Radio, Associated Press Radio,700 Club, and is going on The Fox Report tonight as well as some future interviews! Thank you so much.”



We were blown away with the results of our press release. Not only did we get extensive news coverage, but the release ended up on page 1 of Google for our core keyword.

We now plan to have Piece of Cake PR reach out to the media for us on a monthly basis. We know it will positively affect our bottom line profits in ways traditional advertising just can’t!”

- Jerry Kendall: Pentago Technologies

2. Patented Journalist Targeting Technology

Your results are also determined by who reads your press release.

Sadly, many PR services use automated mass distribution … they send your press release to websites, not people. In other words, your release gets buried on deeply hidden web pages among thousands of other press releases. And they’re almost never seen or read by anyone.

We’re different. We send your press release directly to the email in boxes (and fax machines) of living, breathing journalists who are itching to write a story on your business. (This is the key to getting exposure people will actually SEE.)

The real magic is in HOW WE TARGET journalists the first place … our patented Natural Language Processing strategically matches published (or broadcast) news stories to the journalists who’ve written them. Read more about Natural Language Processing here. Here’s how it works …

We use this proprietary technology to build you a custom list of thousands of journalists who have recently written stories about YOUR type of business, industry, niche or market sector. Then we send your press release directly to the email in boxes and fax machines of these eager, targeted journalists who are most likely to write a news story on your business (or book, if you’re an author) … whether your story ends up being aired on TV or the radio or published in print or online (or any combination).

While other services blast your release to an un-targeted list, we help you maximize your results with patented, precision targeting you won’t get anywhere else.

“These are the guys who know the meaning of under self and over present! They will WOW you with their work!”

- Community Basketball Leagues


“Great value for the price. Effectively ran a campaign and got a major publication (CNET) to write an article within 24 hours.”

- Stephen Mark: Sideburn for iPhone


3. Highest Potential ROI (Return on Investment)

All too often, authors and business owners over-pay for a press release and its distribution. Sometimes it’s because the writer’s skills are unpolished, and it takes them a long time to produce a decent press release (and you pay dearly for that time – often hundreds of dollars).

At PieceOfCakePR, we write tight, engaging press releases with speed and efficiency. That’s how we can easily and effectively charge so much less than the competition.

Our quality writing, proprietary targeting, and low prices give you the greatest potential results and return on investment of any other PR service anywhere.

“Rock stars! Very easy to work with. Got me in front of mjor media. Thanks, again!”



“We could not be happier with the press release prepared for our company and the almost instantaneous restuls it produced when it was released. We were picked up right away by a large online magazine that is doing a full feature article on our company this month.”


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