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Why do thousands of authors rely on Piece of Cake PR to promote their books?

It’s because our expert team of book publicists specialize in promoting authors who:

  • Need international publicity on a shoestring budget
  • Want to turn their book from an “unknown” into a consistent seller, in as little as a week
  • Only want to pay our super low one-time fee when they actually get results (and not pay a single penny if they don’t), totally eliminating any possible risk

Here’s What We Do For You

  • We write a professional, attention-stirring press release for your book
  • We bring your book directly to the attention of 4,500+ journalists seeking to review and feature books IN YOUR GENRE on TV, Radio, Trade Media, Newspapers, Magazines and Online
  • We promote your book to 20,000+ retail and bulk book buyers via Social Media
  • We announce your book to 1,500+ national publishers and book retailers

Because of this press release, Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News will plug my book live tomorrow on T5 at the end of the show. My book sales are UP because of your work. Thanks for your help!

Chris Lynch

This service has resulted in millions of dollars in free publicity for our
clients through newspaper/magazine reviews, TV/Radio interviews and appearances on shows like
Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray and many more.


  • We start to work for you for free
  • And you won’t pay us a single penny until you get results

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How We’re Different:
Discover Our Patented Book Marketing Technology

Don’t be a victim of fruitless bulk press release blasting! Instead, rely on our exclusive patented system that cherry-picks the journalists most interested in promoting your book in your exact genre… and sends your press release directly to 4,500+ of them.

We’ve earned a stellar reputation with nearly half a million journalists as the source for the relevant books they want to promote through the media. As a result, journalists pay attention to the press releases we write and send on your behalf.

In short, we send your press release to targeted responsive people, not faceless websites. You will not find this process and technology anywhere else at any price – let alone 100% risk-free.

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Don’t let your book die a slow miserable death on Amazon as it drags your reputation down with it. Let our experts ramp up your book’s exposure to the buying public today.

We decided to try a Piece of Cake Press Release for our latest book. I must admit I didn’t expect any immediate results. We were shocked to have journalists reach out to us the day of the release. If you’re thinking of using this form of communication, quit thinking about it and do it!

Phil Mitchell

Your service is phenomenal! Our project has been on Talk1300 Radio, Associated Press Radio, 700 Club, and is going on The Fox Report tonight as well as some future interviews! Thank you so much.

Dustin DeMoss

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